Danpal’s skylight systems allow you to explore new possibilities for designing buildings filled with light – with control of light intensity and energy consumption together with flexible installation.


Dry glazed translucent system available in a variety of designs – for installation above or below various types of structures (according to engineering and design requirements). Contains snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminium.

Danpal® Roofing System

Los sistemas de cubiertas Danpal® son adecuados para resistir distintas condiciones climáticas y ofrecen alta resistencia a impactos. La gran variedad de aspectos, colores, acabados y efectos especiales proporcionan una espectacular gama de opciones creativas.


Combines all the advantages of Danpalon® together with a skylight of unlimited length, offering easy integration with various roof types including profiled metal and concrete.

Can be installed as a self-supporting skylight or over a metal structure covering a large range of radii and spans.


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