Case Studies

סיפורי הצלחה - A CHURCH OF LIGHTS


PROJECT NAME: Saint Thomas Church

LOCATION: Vaulx-en-Velin, France

PRODUCT: Facade Danpal® 16 and 20, 600 mm, Clear and Ice Softlite, 850 m²

ARCHITECT: Franceenchie Cristogatin, [Siz’-ix] Architectes, France

CONTRACTOR: Franceanck Saine, France


THE NEED: To incorporate lightness and luminosity into the new Saint-Thomas church, a place of sharing and community, while conveying the idea of renewal.

THE DANPAL SOLUTION: Inside the church, Danpal® created a luminous atmosphere through the interplay of bluish projections from a large vertical stained-glass window on the choir side and the warm tones of the printed curtain wall on the entrance side. Thermal constraints required a specific study which prompted the use of a Danpal® double skin for a long wall, bringing stability, light and increased depth.

Outside the church, the sun creates reflections on the crystal colour of the wall crisscrossed by yellow protruding cubes that form, in braille, the first word of the message of Saint Thomas: “Allons” (“Let us go”) – a universal message of hope, congregation and energy.

THE RESULTToday, the Saint-Thomas church is home to a thriving, highly diverse community, and is filled with song, light and luminosity every Sunday.